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Mike Trounce

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
"If you believe - or are at least open to believing - that the behaviour of big investors has a meaningful impact on asset prices, then I would like to partner with you on a mission of discovery."

Hello, I'm Mike Trounce. I've worked in the bond markets all my life. Like many others in the industry, I’ve noticed a big change in recent years. New issuers, but also new investors. What people are finding now is that to beat the market, it's not enough to get the fundamentals right. You've also got to know what the other investors ('the Big Guys') are doing - and why. You've got to know about Investor Behaviour.

The problem is, you can't find out about it very easily. That's why I founded Trounceflow as the world's first - and only - investor behaviour platform.

The mission of Trounceflow is to deliver truth about the behaviour of investors and the impact that investor behaviour has on asset prices.



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    Data that shows how investors are behaving, including fund flows and fund allocations.

    Key Macro Data

    The most important macro data for Emerging Market, Asian and Frontier market economies and sovereign issuers.




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